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If you are connecting to our website from an Android or iOS device, make sure your GPS is turned on so that we can determine your location.
In order for us to determine your current location, you need to allow Geolocation access from your web browser. For this, when you connect to our website, click the Allow or Allow Location Access button in the window that appears just below the address bar of your web browser. If you have denied access, click the button below after granting access to try again. You can check the How Do We Determine Your Position? section below to learn how we determined your location.


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What Is My ZIP Code, is an information page that shows the ZIP code for your location right now. When you change the address of your home or office, you will definitely need the ZIP code of your new address. Using this tool, you can easily detect your current information. You can use the Where Am I page to get comprehensive information about your current location, and learn many details such as your location’s address, coordinate (in latitude-longitude and degrees, minutes, seconds), local currency, local time zone, local time.

Where Am I

Where Am I is one of the most common queries on Google to know current location details. When you connect to our website and allow location access from your browser, you can access detailed address information in addition to your exact location. In this way:

  • What city am I in / at
  • What county am I in / at,
  • What state am I in / at,
  • What street am I in / at,
  • What road am I crossing,
  • What is my current location address,
  • What is my location map (latitude & longitude) coordinates right now,
  • What is my location GPS (Degrees, Minutes & Seconds) coordinates right now

You can learn the answers to the questions with a single click.

What Is My Address? What City Am I In? What Is My ZIP Code?
How Do We Determine Your Position?

It detects your current location of our website in an extremely simple and secure way. For this, it uses the Geolocation API of the internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.) you use on the device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) that you connect to our website. We mark your current location on the map using your latitude and longitude information obtained with the Geolocation API. For this, when you enter our website, you only need to give location access permission.

How can I grant location access?

I accidentally denied access permission, what should I do?

If you are accessing our site from a mobile device such as Android or iPhone, we use your current location using your device's GPS data with the Geolocation API. Using these tools, we can provide you with the following information:

  • Public IP address,
  • Full location address
  • Map Coordinates,
  • GPS Coordinates,
  • Road/Street,
  • County,
  • City,
  • State,
  • Country,
  • Zip Code,
  • Timezone
Info: We do not use, store or share any of your personal data with third parties or companies when determining your location.